Technology Support

As physical literacy is not just physical activity, the PEPS – Physical Education Program for Schools presents a student app in association with Maverick with a holistic perspective for child-centric physical activity by bringing in novelty, incorporating music and simple home implements to make it fun, creating cohorts among students to inspire and motivate each other, providing knowledge and understanding to the caregivers by explaining the science of each activity, engaging students and providing accountability by monitoring consistency.

 All exercises are animated and lessons include cross-curricular activities, yoga, and rhythm-based movements. Activities involving the entire family are also presented and video lessons on health and hygiene are presented. A transformation challenge is posed to create the habit of consistency by picking one element per week to monitor and become accountable. Instead of a ‘To Do’ list of resolutions, we provide a ‘To Be’ list of intentions to build character. A digital certificate is issued every month to students for their consistency.

The sessions are presented using a customized SPEFL-SC Trainer App comprehensive with Music, Instructions, video animations, and process flow. Each lesson plan includes learning objectives – physical literacy objectives, physical domain objectives, affective domain objectives, cognitive domain objectives; teaching strategy for each activity, suggestions for classroom interaction, home challenges, an active review using movements to reiterate learning, an opportunity for students to give feedback, trainer reflections on the session and impact monitoring of each session.