Benefits Of Physical Education (PE) & Self Defense Program

The SPEFL-SC Physical Education (PE) & Self-Defense Program offers a comprehensive approach to student development.

Become a Leader in NEP-Aligned Physical Education & Self Defense:
Advertise and Brand with Our Logo: Showcase your commitment to cutting-edge physical education with the recognizable SPEFL-SC logo. 
Be Among the First: Become a national leader in implementing the NEP’s vision for physical education. Gain a prestigious reputation for prioritizing student well-being.
Accredited Excellence: Receive official accreditation from SPEFL-SC, allowing you to display an affiliation board at your school entrance and utilize other SPEFL-SC branding materials.

Empowering Your PE Department:
SPEFL trainers seamlessly integrate into your existing program, leading 2-3 sessions per week. This allows your PE staff to focus on the remaining days while gaining valuable skills. All PETs receive certification as Community Sports Coaches (NSQF Level 5). In schools with a strong PE team, SPEFL offers additional training for the NSQF Level 4 Self-Defense Trainer program, empowering your staff to deliver a well-rounded PE experience.

Unparalleled Student Benefits:
Valuable Certifications: Students completing the program receive two certificates:
A certificate from SPEFL-SC, recognized by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, aligning with the NEP 2020 and the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF).
A Self-Defense Certificate aligned with the Self-Defense Instructor NSQF Level 5. This equips students with valuable self-defense skills and potential career opportunities.
Academic Credit Points: Students in Class 10 and 12 who complete the program earn NSQF Level 2 and 3 certificates, respectively, translating to 7 and 10 credit points applicable towards higher education, potentially easing their course load.
Enhanced Job Prospects: Students receive additional certificates like Early Years and Primary Years Physical Activity Facilitator, enhancing their job prospects in the fitness and physical education fields.
Partner with SPEFL-SC today and create a dynamic PE program that fosters student well-being, empowers your team, and aligns with the National Education Policy.