SPEFL-SC’s Approach

*The SPEFL-SC sessions aim to instill a genuine desire for physical activity in children, presenting exercise as a choice rather than an obligation. Trainers employ strategies to inspire students to perform at their best and enhance their confidence levels. These sessions encourage independence and self-regulation among students, fostering intrinsic motivation and self-discipline through engaging activities. Students are encouraged to set personal goals and develop organizational skills to achieve them. The positive experiences derived from SPEFL-SC sessions involving bodily movement are supplemented by immersive scenarios that evoke embodied sensations.

*Non-verbal creative movement lessons, known as ‘What if’ scenarios, explore embodied emotions, fostering empathy and emotional awareness among students.

*Character-building games blend physical activities with storytelling, gamification, and theater techniques to impart moral values and cultivate socially responsible behavior.

*The diverse range of activities offered during the sessions promotes both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, teaching students the importance of collaboration and teamwork while also fostering individual competence and confidence in various contexts.

*SPEFL-SC Minute activities encourage self-awareness, while the SPEFL-SC Affirmation, delivered at each session, encourages students to take personal responsibility for their lifelong well-being and health. Pranayama sessions aid in stress management.

*Gender stereotypes are challenged by offering diverse physical activities to all students, promoting individuality beyond traditional gender norms.